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Welding Automation At It’s Best.

A Welding Robot That Can Be Installed Anywhere In Your Shop And Even Better You Can Roll It Anywhere You Want

Experience the ultimate in flexibility and convenience with our welding robot. This innovative solution is designed to fit seamlessly into any corner of your workshop, maximizing your space and efficiency.

Optimize Welding Of All Batch Sizes And Release Capacity

Would you like to save resources on small hand-welded batches? Optimize welding efficiency and be sure of uniformity in series production and guaranteed high welding quality. The operator only needs to place the component in the fixture, select the correct program and push the start-button. Once Fuzze is welding, the operator can prepare the next component.

Let our cobot do the routine tasks, and the welder’s qualifications can be better spent elsewhere. Fuzze is so easy to program that it even pays off to weld small batches. This is a win-win for the boss and the welder.


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Custom Built Systems

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Benefits Of Collaborative Welding

Increase Your Arc Time

Weld your work pieces in the optimum and fastest way possible.Finish more in the same time span, increase productivity cost per work piece.

Scale Your Production

Cobots offer unlimited potential. The possibilities that cobots bring to the shop floor in terms of efficiency, productivity, flexibility, help in the growth of any shop.

Consistent HQ Welds

Increase repeatability and weld consistent completely identical work pieces every time. FUZZE welding cobot always deliver uniform welds with the highest quality.

Free Your Welders

Minimize monotonously repeated work and let the cobot take over the dull routine jobs.Utilize the know how of your skilled welders for the complicated tasks instead.