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The Arcsaber Package

A welding cobot that can tackle the most difficult welds keeping you productive and ahead of the competition.

Experience the ultimate in flexibility and convenience with our welding robot. This innovative solution is designed to fit seamlessly into any corner of your workshop, maximizing your space and efficiency.


Fuzze core components are made of excellent technology. Fantastic welding capabilities mixed with the agility and safety of the collaborative robot simply lift all aspect of your welding production. With the track and turntable, you can tackle even more complex workpieces and increase efficiency.

The Package

The Arcsaber model is deigned and built to tackle the most difficult welds. This system comes equipped with Fronius TPSi latest robotics welding technologies keeping you productive and ahead of the competition. This system can be optionally equipped with indexers, linear axis and bigger tables if needed. system is great for welding carbon steel and stainless steel, and aluminum if equipped with Fronius CMT package.

In the supply the package, the followings included:
  • Rainbow RB10-1300 cobot
  • Fronius TPS-400i welding machine
  • Fronius wire feeder
  • Fronius robotic water-cooled welding torch
  • Cobot torch bracket
  • Cobot controller
  • Cobot teach pendant with stand
  • Start/stop pendant
  • Heavy duty welding table 60”x40”
  • Levelling casters
  • Cobot table mount
  • Startup welding kit (nozzle, tips, rollers…)
  • Toolbox
  • Basic training


  • CMT welding package
  • Auto welds parameters software.
  • Different cobot sizes.
  • Different tables sizes.
  • Linear axis.
  • Robotic indexer.
  • Steel pedestal.
  • Wire cleaning station

Standard Features:

  • Free drive button for easy programming
  • All aluminum cobot arm
  • Linear welds
  • Tack welds
  • Weaving
  • Multi pass
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The only welding cobot on the market that can be programmed from any Android device including your own phone. Another unique feature is the remote access. The system can be accessed remotely for trouble shooting and programming support, saving you time and offering a peace of mind that you can have support anytime you need it.


Are you wondering whether Fuzze can weld a specific workpiece? Let’s solve the mystery.
Send us a photo of your workpiece and a short description of material and plate thickness. We will show it to one of our welding specialists. They will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

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