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Your Path for Efficient and Accessible Automation

Affordable and safe collaborative robots revolutionize manufacturing, enabling easy implementation for small to medium-sized companies.

Pioneers in Robotics Integration

We’re obsessed with one goal: elevating your productivity and supercharging your performance. In the thriving landscape of the Canadian manufacturing, Camex Robotics cutting-edge solutions keeps you at the forefront of competitiveness and poised for growth. We’re not just another robotics provider; we’re your partner in analyzing, programming, integrating, and supporting robotic systems meticulously designed to meet your operation’s exacting demands. Our trusted expertise extends far beyond our Canadian borders, with companies across North America choosing us for solutions that spell efficiency and rapid ROI. Join forces with us and steer your success into overdrive.

Explore Our Core Capabilities


Our cobots enhance precision and quality with automated welding solutions. Engineered for consistency, they help reduce errors, increase safety, and drive productivity in your welding processes.


Machine Tending

Optimize production with our cobots that seamlessly tend to your machines. From loading and unloading parts to operation monitoring, they ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently around the clock.


Surface Finishing

Achieve superior surface finishing results with our cobots. They ensure consistent pressure application, speed, and angle, delivering unparalleled finish quality and reduced manual labor.



Streamline your logistics with our palletising cobots. Designed for versatility, they handle various product types and sizes, enabling faster turnaround times and increased workflow efficiency.



Precision and consistency define our dispensing cobots. Whether it’s adhesive application or precise dosing in chemical processes, they ensure error-free operations, saving you time and resources.


Food & Beverage

Collaborative Robots (Cobots) are reshaping the Food and Beverage industry, enhancing safety, efficiency, and adaptability. With advanced sensors and user-friendly features, they offer cost-effective automation solutions, revolutionizing the food industry.


Automation Systems

Boost your business's productivity with advanced automation. Our robotics team, supported by skilled technicians, is here to assist you in collaborative robotics and automation projects. Explore our diverse services and contact us today for innovative ways to transform a collaborative robot into a long-term business partner that drives growth.

Welding 1:21

Step into the future of welding with our latest video showcasing our innovative welding cobot.

Machine Tending 1:23

See how the OB7 Stretch seamlessly integrates into any workflow, tending to machines with precision and consistency.

Chair Sanding 0:41

Watch as this automated artisan meticulously sands each chair, achieving a flawless finish every time

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