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Sandit™ Surface Finish Cobots

Sandit Surface Finish Cobots

Sandit™ sanding and grinding cobots are the results of many years of research and development backed by an experienced team of surface finishing and robotics professionals. These cobots help you streamline your surface preparation tasks, saving time and effort while maintaining uniformity and quality in the finishing process.

Meet the Sandit™ Cobot Series


The ChairMate is built to help chair builders tackle their sanding tasks. The system can take multiple chair models and can be equipped with two robots if needed.

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The DoorMate is the only doors sanding cobots on the market that requires zero programming. The system is delivered complete ready to work and can take up to 60inx25in door.

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The SurfMate is built to sand any wood part or assemblies. It’s a modular concept system that can be altered to meet each part requirement and surface finish.

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Watch some of our Sandit™ cobots in action!

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